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BCEA Representative Council

Members of this committee represent PTEA at county meetings five times a year at the BCEA offic.  It is important that the PTEA have a voice at the county level.

building adv.

Building Advisory 

Members are elected by our members in each building.  The committee should have at least one support staff member.  The chair will hold a monthly meeting with concerns brought by the members which will be shared with the President and District Liaison.

community rel.

Community Relations Pride & Fast

Is a liaison between the Association and community groups to promote community and Association relations.  Keeps membersjip informed about local issues and oversees Pride/Fast Projects.


Constitution & Bylaws

The committee must have members from each unit and work to recommemd changes to the PTEA Constitution and Bylaws contract.



The committee shall facilitate all district-wide elections and ratification.  There should be one member from each unit in this committee.



This committee identifies concerns with the evaluaton process, brainstorms solutions, maintains evaluations data, and helps member respond to evaluations with which they disagree.

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This committee explores and prepares programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for grievances.  The committee shall process all grievances filed in accordance with the agreement of policies adopted by the Association.


Health & Safety

The committee will keep watch over school conditions by identifying and resolving health and safety concerns in the district.

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Informs members about proposed
legislation related to their interest and promotes activities leading to tbe passage of desirable legislative.



This committee works closely with the Health & Safety Committee which meets monthly.  They will meet with administration to discuss problems of mutual concern.  Members from each unit, as well as, secondary and elementary teachers maes up this committee.



The chair is responsible for keeping accurate records for the PTEA membership.  They will enroll new membes, forward all names, and address changes to NJEA and take care of other membership issues.


Minority Involvement

Shall encourage minority members to become active in Association work and shall promote human relations through recommendations made to the Executive Council on membership training on topics related to but not limited to cultural diversity, racial diversity, gender diversity and sexual orientation.

public relations

Public Relations

The committee shall seek to develop procedures to present material to the media.  This committee is responsible for keeping the membership informed of 
Association action through newsletters and flyers.

representative council

Representative Council

Each building is entitled to the following representation on one elected representative for each fifteen members in their building.  There should be support staff reps proportional to their numbers.



The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the PTEA website.  Keeping the website current with the most up-to-date information.