The PTEA needs you! 2020-2021


The following positions are included in the PTEA Constitution. All individuals who are interested in a paid position should forward an email to Kathy Vogel, PTEA President Individuals holding paid positions are required to attend Exec. and Rep. Council meetings. The meetings are usually held on the second and third Tuesday of the month. We are also attempting to give members who cannot commit to monthly meetings opportunities to participate throughout the year. 


Membership Committee-Chairperson/$2025 ~ This person is responsible for keeping accurate records for the PTEA membership. The chair will enroll new members, forward all names, and address changes to NJEA and take care of other membership issues. We encourage each school to have a volunteer who will work directly with the chair. If there is no volunteer the head rep will work with Chair. 


Grievance Committee-Chairperson/$1250 Co-Chairs (2-3) (Elementary, Secondary, Support)/$750 Apprentices (2) ~ Explores and prepares programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for grievances. It shall process all grievances filed in accordance with the agreement of policies adopted by the association. It shall advise the Executive Committee of situations involving the defense of individual rights. Meetings are scheduled as needed. The vice presidents also participate in this committee. We need reps trained in all buildings. 


Legislative/PAC Committee-Chairperson/$600 stipend ~ Informs members about proposed legislation related to their interest and promotes activities leading to the passage of desirable legislation. Committee volunteers are needed from each school.  Committee members shall be willing to attend board meetings, prepare school board election information and possibly recommend candidates who are pro education. At least one member per building is needed.


Minority Involvement/Human Relations-Chairperson/$600 stipend ~ Shall encourage minority members to become active in Association work and shall promote human relations through recommendations made to Executive Committee on membership training on topics related to but not limited to cultural diversity, racial diversity, gender diversity and sexual orientation. The committee raises money for scholarships and sponsors the Educated Turkey – raising funds to feed needy families at Thanksgiving. Committee members needed. Monthly meeting.


Community Relations/Pride-Chairperson/$600 stipend ~ Acts as a liaison between the Association and community groups to promote community and Association relations. Chair keeps membership informed about local issues and oversees Pride Projects such as Read Across America and the Senior Citizen Prom. All staff members are encouraged to participate. 


Public Relations-Editor of the Communicator/$100 each issue ~ The Communicator should be out regularly. (Election issues as needed.) This committee shall seek to develop procedures to present material to the media. This committee is responsible for keeping the membership informed of Association action through newsletters and fliers. A representative from each building is recommended.


Liaison Committee-Chairperson/$600 ~ Member(s) from each Building Advisory Committee is recommended to be part of the Liaison Committee. The Liaison Committee works closely with the Health & Safety Committee which meets monthly.  The Liaison Committee meets with administration to discuss problems of mutual concern. Members from each unit as well as secondary and elementary teachers make up this committee. Members for the Liaison Committee are recommended from each Building Advisory Committee and each unit. 


Election Committee-Chairperson/$200 per election. ~ One member from each unit is needed for this committee with one serving as chair. The committee shall facilitate all district wide elections and ratifications. One member is needed from each school to count votes. 


Constitution and Bylaws Committee-Chairperson/$600 ~ The committee must have members from each unit and work to recommend changes to the PTEA Constitution and Bylaws.  


Health & Safety Committee-Chairperson/$600 ~ The committee will keep watch over school conditions by identifying and resolving health and safety concerns in the district. We want at least one member in each building. Meetings will occur monthly.


BCEA Representative Council- Members of this committee represent PTEA at county meetings 5 times a year. These meetings are held at BCEA in Willingboro. It is important PTEA have a voice at the county level. The PTEA has several openings for representatives.


Webmaster – $600.00 The webmaster is responsible for the PTEA website.  Responsibilities include updating calendar with upcoming events.  Keeping the website current with the most up to date information.  Posting flyers and important information for members to view on the webpage.


Webmaster Assistants – (2) $150.00 each position.  Duties include assisting the webmaster with the updating of the site.  Recommending changes to the site.  Posting of documents and flyers to the website with the direction of the webmaster.


Each building is entitled to the following representation on Representative Council:

One (1) elected representative for each fifteen (15) members in their building. At least one rep. from each building should be a support staff member. Head reps. are paid $15 per meeting. Once reps are selected a meeting must occur where reps choose one rep to be the Head Rep of the building.


The Head Rep. in each building shall forward the building representatives names to President before the Representative Council meeting in October. 


Building Advisory Committee members are elected by our members in each building.  The committee should have at least one support staff member.


Starting in September 2014 each school shall have an Evaluation Committee that is charged with helping members respond to evaluations. Training is ongoing.


Those in paid positions will be members of the Executive Board of the PTEA and shall attend Executive and Representative Council Meetings and be prepared to report, as necessary.


Send an email to Kathy Vogel, PTEA President (


June 2020

PTEA Committee Volunteer Information


Please include:


Your Name



Personal email


Include in your email:

  • A list of the Committees, in order of preference, that you are interested in joining and whether as a member or chairperson.


  • If you would be interested in serving as a BCEA representative.


  • If you cannot commit all year but would be willing to assist on occasions when we need extra help.

Some examples would be: 

*Back to School Night or Parent Conferences in your building.

*Membership Chair to enlist new members in your school.

*PAC with the school budget election by stuffing envelops or making phone calls.

*Help the Legislative Committee by getting information out in your school.

*Help with Pride Events.

*Help the election committee count votes.