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Dear Members,

At the Oct. 2, 2019, State Board of Education meeting, the NJ Department of Education proposed reducing statewide standardized testing (PARCC/ NJ-SLA) from six tests to four tests at the high school level. The State BOE tabled the vote to Oct.16 due to their inability to come to consensus on the proposal. 

Some board members have suggested increasing testing beyond the six assessments at the high school level. State BOE President Kathy Goldenberg said that increased testing “doesn’t harm them [the students], doesn’t harm the teacher, and doesn’t harm the district.” As educators and parents, we know that these assessments inflict significant harm on students by impacting mental health, robbing classrooms of instructional time, constraining curriculum, killing creativity, ripping IEP-mandated accommodations away from Special Education students, and upending teaching and learning for weeks at a time.

New Jersey students are already over-tested. Our students take more standardized tests than federally required and waste more time on statewide standardized testing than in any other state in the nationReach out to the State BOE to share exactly how these tests HARM our students and call for a reduction in statewide standardized testing at the high school level.